Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skin Care: Useful Advices and Tips

The most important thing in skin care is continuity and consistency, combined with periodic special procedures. It is also important when choosing a skin care system to take into account all of the factors - the skin type, and age, and time of the year, and individual characteristics of the organism.

When you implement a skin care system for yourself, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:
1. Try to wear clothes made ​​of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk or wool. Also gloves and shoes - only from natural materials.

2. Only use natural soaps on the basis of natural or olive oil and other natural fats, they penetrate into the skin, while mineral and synthetic oils remain on the surface.
3. Do special breathing exercises. Very useful in such cases, bath and a sauna.

4. Daily dry cleaning spend the skin, which promotes the separation of waste cells. When fasting must clean your skin twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

Cosmetologist recommendations:

Give yourself a little pleasure with cosmetic procedure in the calm home environment. And most important - do not rush, because it is not less important the psychological effect of relaxation. First of all, do all the chores so that no outside thoughts could distract your attention and could interfere to relax, then forget everything and focus only on the procedure.

Friend's tips

1. Use a soft cleanser to thoroughly clean the skin, holding a cotton swab perpendicular to the wrinkles on the vertical lines - on the forehead and on the horizontal - around the lips, eyes and chin.

2. With the help of cosmetic wipes remove all remnants of cleaner.

3. Wipe the face with toner to remove all the rests of cleaner.

4. Make a steam bath for your face. Pour hot water into a bowl and add herbs. Chamomile soothes, lavender cleanses, comfrey helps to heal skin, rosemary tones. Tilt the head (not less than 50 cm from water) and hold the face over the steam, covered with a towel.

Completely relax and stay in this position no more than 5 minutes. If these steps seem too complicated to you, wet a towel in hot water and put it on your face for several minutes.
Before meeting guests, it is not encouraged to:

- Venturing deep cleansing facial skin, especially with active substances, such as fruit acids; persistent redness of the skin will be impossible to hide even with most sophisticated make-up;

- Do yourself or with the help of cosmetologist manipulative cleansing of the skin;

- Experimenting and doing new procedures: it is completely not know how they will react to the skin;

- Take too hot baths: they have a strong relaxing effect, and you will irresistible want to sleep.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Women's Self-Defense - 5 Tips to Keep You Safe

When it comes to a women's self-defense most are unprepared on how to handle most situations. This is unfortunate because it only takes a small amount of training in order to ward off a defender.

Here are five tips on how to defend yourself and keep yourself safe in a variety of situations. Remember the most important tip is to practice, practice, practice. Don't wait until you are attacked to put into use what you have learned.

1. Know The Vulnerable Areas

The best way to stop an attacker is to hit them in a vulnerable area. The five easiest areas that you should know about are the shin, the eye, the ears, the groin, and the throat. All five of these areas require minimal force in order to produce pain.

2. Keep Pepper Spray in Multiple Locations

Many women have pepper spray, but they only have one unit which is likely attached to their keychain. It's best to have multiple units so you can keep one in your purse, one on your keychain, and one in your desk at work.

3. Take a Self-defense Course

You may be able to find a free or reduced cost women's self-defense course at a local YMCA or other local community center. Another good resource is local martial arts centers, which may offer specific self-defense courses without having to actually take regular classes.

4. Avoid Vulnerable Locations

Avoid areas where you are alone at night, like parking lots, or staircases. If you have to work at night, plan your route so you take the most lighted path, or ask someone to walk with you, or to meet you somewhere.

5. Use Common Sense

Ultimately the best self-defense, is common sense. It's very easy when you're being attacked to forget things you have practiced. But trying and keep a clear head and allow your training to take over.

Remember, ultimately your safety depends on you. Now is the time to be proactive and learn how to protect yourself. According to the FBI, one assault happens every 29 seconds don't let the next happen to you.

Visit Women's Self Defense to learn how to protect yourself and to learn more about self defense statistics.

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