Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tha Main Female Vitamin

Did you know that in the large vitamins' family, there are those that are called women's? This is the group of vitamins B: their lack have first impact on our appearance. We often do not suspect that the wanton insomnia, skin weakness, acne rashes, brittle nails and hair loss can be related with the lack of women's exactly vitamins.

The Vitamins B group were given one name because in natural products they are present always together. Their main function is to help the body in power generation and participation in the cloth breath. An adult person need about 1,8 mg of vitamin B in a day. For smokers and alcohol abusers the vitamins' stocks are being rapidly depleted. Vitamin B2 and folic acid (vitamin B9) are especially important during pregnancy, vitamins B6 and B12 - during the menopausal time.

We cannot count only on Fruits
As you know, our body doesn't produce or accumulate vitamins - they come along with the food. But taking as the main "suppliers" the vegetables and fruits is a wrong belief: the carrots contain mainly the vitamin A, vitamin C -citrus fruits, and vitamins B is present in large amount perhaps only in the bananas.

The main their source are grains (all kinds of bread and cereals), meat and dairy products. Thiamine, i.e. vitamin B1, is contained in milk, beer yeast, green peas, potatoes; Riboflavin (B2) in chicken meat, cod; Pantothenic acid (B3) in the egg yolk, rice and wheat bran; Vitamin B6 - in soy, vitellus, oatmeal, yeast; folic acid - in chicken eggs, milk, curd, beef liver.

But in order to to get the daily dose, for example, of vitamins B1 and B6, we have to eat 1 kg (2.2 lb) of bread, or 500 g (1.1 lb) of meat; and to obtain the necessary amount of vitamin B2- we have to eat 150 g of liver, or 800 g of curd. I think you agree that such a menu is hardly suited for every day, and Ladies, say goodbye to the perfect waistline. Therefore, a real solution is to take nutritional supplements and complexes containing Group B vitamins.

When buying a vitamin complex, you do not need to search on the label all of the Mendeleev table. For polyvitamins it would be well enough if they comprise carotenoids, vitamin C and, of course, Group B vitamins. All the rest are individual for each person, and only after the doctor's examination, he may recommend a specific supplement, or other minerals.

If you are taking antibiotics, the intake of vitamins B is absolutely useless. Antibiotics suppress digestive flora, which causes the body to stop producing the enzymes responsible for the assimilation of vitamins. This phenomenon is called B12-anemia. But after the antibiotics' clearance from the body, a course of vitamin supplements is a must.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Caterina Leman's Charming Fashion

The Caterina Leman woman is always charmy and smart, independent and interesting. This is a vigorous and rapid Lady, skillfully combining strength and the delicate femininity. She takes the direct route to success and knows how to manage it to the desired way.

The new collection Fall-Winter 2007/2008 from Caterina Leman approaches at the maximum the daily image of a woman to the outstanding Haute Couture images.

As always, Caterina Leman remains faithful to her credos - elegance, aristocracy and classics. Nothing excessively, nothing screaming. In the strictness of the lines it can be seen the desire for stability and a clear vital position.

The New Collection is represented by the traditional Caterina Leman's business style white chemise, slim line costumes with fistular pants and Italian length skirts; accentuating the waistline with belts. Male cut suits with some Swarovski strasses and the skirts, with actual for several seasons, high waistline; the belts with a corset form and Victorian motives adds the collection rigidity and completeness.

The favorite color of the season from Caterina Leman is gray in all its nuances, from graphite to pearl. Among the leading collections are also shades of brown, the color of earth, bronze, beige-cream, moderate red, black shallow.