Monday, December 7, 2009

Women's Self-Defense - 5 Tips to Keep You Safe

When it comes to a women's self-defense most are unprepared on how to handle most situations. This is unfortunate because it only takes a small amount of training in order to ward off a defender.

Here are five tips on how to defend yourself and keep yourself safe in a variety of situations. Remember the most important tip is to practice, practice, practice. Don't wait until you are attacked to put into use what you have learned.

1. Know The Vulnerable Areas

The best way to stop an attacker is to hit them in a vulnerable area. The five easiest areas that you should know about are the shin, the eye, the ears, the groin, and the throat. All five of these areas require minimal force in order to produce pain.

2. Keep Pepper Spray in Multiple Locations

Many women have pepper spray, but they only have one unit which is likely attached to their keychain. It's best to have multiple units so you can keep one in your purse, one on your keychain, and one in your desk at work.

3. Take a Self-defense Course

You may be able to find a free or reduced cost women's self-defense course at a local YMCA or other local community center. Another good resource is local martial arts centers, which may offer specific self-defense courses without having to actually take regular classes.

4. Avoid Vulnerable Locations

Avoid areas where you are alone at night, like parking lots, or staircases. If you have to work at night, plan your route so you take the most lighted path, or ask someone to walk with you, or to meet you somewhere.

5. Use Common Sense

Ultimately the best self-defense, is common sense. It's very easy when you're being attacked to forget things you have practiced. But trying and keep a clear head and allow your training to take over.

Remember, ultimately your safety depends on you. Now is the time to be proactive and learn how to protect yourself. According to the FBI, one assault happens every 29 seconds don't let the next happen to you.

Visit Women's Self Defense to learn how to protect yourself and to learn more about self defense statistics.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Fashionable Summer Jeans- How and with what to wear

Here are a selection of actual denim looks for this summer. Jeans fashion today is changing so rapidly, and cuts, colors and textures are so diverse that often you do not know what model to choose. If from the classic Levi's 501 remained only vague memories from youth, then perhaps you should get back to the far shelf cupboard and get them on...

The Skinny Model of jeans do not go out of fashion for several seasons, but is constantly evolving. The waist line became much higher, but at the same time it has been shorten the length of the jeans. The actual length of the summer - before the ankle. There is an optimum length, as well as visually shortened legs, so wearing a skinny style is best with high (very high) heels.

The era of light blue denim has been left behind long ago in fashion, all bright-colored jeans are now fashionable. Jeans of bright color is a new trend, but the love for neon colors is rooted in the rambunctious 80-s. This summer, all the colors of the rainbow are in fashion, and not only: the favorites are the following shades: red, yellow, cyan, blue and bright pink. Bright jeans are a rather youth trend, however, regardless of age, in jeans, you will always be in focus. For fans of the classics it can be offered snow-white jeans, which this summer also are at the height of fashion.Wide leg jeans remain in fashion not for the first season, but there are nuances in their way of wearing. Wide-leg jeans with high waist a la Marlene Dietrich look elegant and at the same time, casual, but visually shortens the legs and adds a couple of kilos on the thigh, even if you have the very harmony of embodiment. The solution - shoes on platform , in such a combination all the proportions are aligned. Of course, if you're a lucky owner of «feet from the ears», you can easily wear a great pair of such jeans with simple ballets.The Flare jeans are back in the ladies' wardrobes this year with a light filing from Victoria Beckham. Generally, the theme of happy hippie generation is pronounced in the summer collections, so it's time to realize your fantasies in the style of 70's - with floral prints, furbelow, bandannas and so on. Flare jeans, suitable for any type of body shape, can be worn with heels together or with shoes with a flat sole. It is best combined with a flare-fitting top. Women of low height the best fit in this model of jeans, skintight thigh. Flare jeans can be combined with any style, whether it is elegant, sporty, romantic, etc.

Jeans in the style of a hobo boy , or rather girl - this is a new version of urban style, which is re-opened by Marc Jacobs, providing the «tramp» style on podium in collections for luxurious French brand Louis Vuitton. "Yes, I have a lot of money, yes, I have a perfect figure, but I hide all this behind the baggy jeans of an indeterminate color with wrapped leg."