Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shoes With Reversed Heel - The Fashion Hit of 2008

Funny, impractical, absurd, very expensive and even dangerous ... So can be described shoes with heel for the new generation. However, according to the stylists, they will soon become a new fashion hit!

At the high fashion week in New York, the British designer Marc Jacobs made his strike with the new shoes. His model went to the podium in the shoes, which had the heels not normally attached to the legs' heel, but horizontally, to the toes' part! Saying that these are unusual heels - It's like you didn't say it. How to walk wearing them - it's incomprehensible.

On this background, the result of the designer Marc Jacobs imagination for sport shoes with high heels are not a surprise.

It should be said that these reversed-heel shoes have an average price of 300 Euros.

One of the American Institute of Health scientists shared his opinion about the shoes from Marc Jacobs with the newspaper Daily Mail: "This is simply absurd. Horizontal heels can be only worn by a woman who will not go further the red carpet track, or one which has more money than common sense. "

The rumors say Victoria Beckham bought such shoes a week ago…