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6 Killer Calorie Destroying Exercises

It seems to be an insatiable goal of many modern day adults and teens to achieve that elusive perfect figure. While there are many fad diets and pills and potions that overrun the marketplace with one thousand promises, experts have come to agree that the most sensible and effective way to achieve the trim figure and a healthy lifestyle is by watching your food consumption and maintaining an active lifestyle via regular exercise.

Excess calories lead to obesity. Obesity is the mother of many diseases. Therefore, calorie consumption has to be controlled. The modern day trend emphasizes the maintenance of a lean and fit body, thus burning off excess calories. But how can we burn fat?

Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of calories that is needed by your body within 24 Hr. period to maintain general bodily functions from respiratory to circulatory systems. The number of calories an individual burns on a regular and daily basis decreases as we grow older. Extra calories will take the form of unnecessary fats and will accumulate in the body.

In this situation, we need to work or to exercise to burn off those extra calories. The basic requirement for burning the calories is to concentrate on what burns how much! With that in mind remember that, muscle tissues require more energy. The more energy required, the more calories are to be burnt. There are many exercises and activities which burn calories. Here are topmost exercises that burn majority of the calories.

To lose one pound, you need to burn 3500 calories! It may sound tough at first but it is not if you just break it down. To lose a pound a week, do any type of activity that burns 500 calories a day. The numbers of calories burned below is based on a 150 pound person. Heavier people will burn more calories, lighter people less.


This burns almost 1280 cal/hr if you run 10mph. Jogging at the rate of 5mph will burn around 740 cal/hr. Running will make your muscles to work hard especially thigh muscles, calf muscles and abdominal. Your body will require more oxygen and hence your chest muscles along with lungs will work too.


The swimming is the best among all. Swimming 50 yrds/min will burn 500 cal/hr. Swimming involves all the major muscle groups of the body right from your head to your toe. Some strokes burn more and some less, swimming is a great all around body workout.

Cross-Country Skiing

Whether one does cross country skiing at outdoors on snow or on a machine, this exercise is incredible. This is also recommended for cardiac patients by doctors. This exercise involves both lower and upper body. It is assumed that if you do this for even 30 minutes, you will burn approximately 330 calories.


Aerobic exercise consists of many different variations. Different types of aerobics burn different calories. For instance, rowing with vigorous effort will burn 502 calories, ice skating at the rate of 9mph will burn 531 calories, rock climbing (ascending) will burn 649 calories, bicycling with 14-16 mph will burn 590 calories etc.


In Forbes magazine, it was voted as the healthiest sport for burning calories. It is recommended for cardio-respiratory and muscular endurance. This also brings muscular flexibility and muscular strength. Squash is considered a minimal injury risk sport. Squash burns almost 600 calories for a mere 30 minute session.


Tennis burns approximately 320 calories in an hour. Apart from getting those muscles to work, tennis also improves your breathing capacity and creates a sharp and focused mind. It gives strength to your thigh muscles and also to your biceps.

Remember one day of exercise will not make you lose weight. Regular exercises coupled with the diet control, over time, will help you burn calories and shape up your body towards achieving that perfectly toned, lean and sexy body and a disease free lifestyle!

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By: Steve Gray

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