Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick-made Coiffures

For thin hair:
One of the best means to get volume for your haircut is the Mousse for volume.
You can get the effect of natural tress if after you're done with the arranging, waft the mousse on the ends of hair and simulate the tress. In this case, when modeling is complete, you should not comb your hair to not destroy the tresses.

For straightening curly hair:
It has the ideal effect if applied correctly on the hair: spread the lotion for hair straightening on wet hair, tighten the hair with a comb and dry it with the hair dryer.

For "wet hair" effect:
Women with short haircut can create shiny curls applying a gel with special "wet hair" effect on the hair.
For long hair there can be simulated "waves", ringlets or S-shaped curls with the help of gel and hair comb with big teeth.

For shiny hair:
To make your hair have a bright, lively look, use the special spray: If after you are done with the hair arrangement you will disperse the hair spray on the dry hair, you can get an additional effect of "magic shiny hair."

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