Saturday, January 19, 2008

Handbags Trends In The New 2008 Season

The handbags/ purses are probably the most mysterious female accessory: everyone sees it, but no one knows what is in it. Even for the purse's owner, its contents can be a complete surprise.

Clutch Bags

The 2008 style extricates from leather bags and offered to replace the massive bag with fine small clutch one, which is not exactly the purse in which you can loose your phone, keys or lipstick, only because there won't be something else that could fit in it. However, the style of 2008 offers not only small, "theater" handbags, but also clutches more similar to the business handbag. Thought you can't say there is much space available, you could find a place for the business papers.

By the way, a very extraordinary detail: Clutch bags this season can be not only from leather, but also plastic, and even wood. Especially stylish and fashionable look have the clutch bags made of wadded tissue.

Travel Bags (Sac De Voyage)

If you are accustomed to always have on hand not only the classic ' set, but all, and a lot of "just in case", and "what if sudden", you must notice another 2008 novelty - the Travel Bag. This bag certainly will have place for all winter stocks!
Besides, the designers of these practical bags often provide the outside part with a lot of zipper pockets, which have very capacious additional pouches.

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