Friday, May 23, 2008

Secrets Of Summer Make-up

The Summer is already very close, and with it - the hotness. And consequently, soon will be the time to switch to summer make-up. What are the characteristics?
In order to look excellent in any hot weather, you should remember a few rules of summer make-up.

1. Protection from the sun is needed. Even if you consider that practically can not get in the open sun light- do not forget about moisturizing cream with SPF of 15 or more. If you are going to use this cream daily, it will help you avoid early signs of aging - wrinkles, spots, etc. The main - use cream with UVA and UVB filter constantly, even in cloudy days. Just put it on the clrear skin, wait 10 minutes, that it is absorbed, then apply the make-up basis.

2. All easier and easier. When the heat is serious, many of us find that powder and foundation seem too "heavy". In this case come to the aid of tonal light moisturizing cream, which should be applied with a wet sponge, as well as the " corrector" pencil, which can hide the most obvious shortcomings of the skin.

3. "Artificial" bronze. If you have not yet managed to get one, you can go on a holiday to the beach, or simply add a little luster to its image using the powder with bronze effect. Be very careful when choosing it: you have to make sure that the shade is matching your skin color.

4. Eye make-up. In summer, an optimal choice is a neutral, light shade. If it is too hot on the street, and you do not want to apply a full make-up, it's enough to paint the eyelashes with mascara. And specifically for the summer period you can change the habitual black mascara with a more bright one - for example, brown.

5. The water resistance - first and foremost. We all know that there is nothing worse than a dripping mascara. And in the heat - it's more likely to happen. Therefore, give preference to water-proof mascara. And, of course, choose the appropriate means to remove it from the eye make-up.

6. Glossy and protected lips. If in the cold time of year, you may enjoy only lipstick or shine, in the summer you just need a balsam. It should contain ultraviolet filter, as well as humidify well the lips. A shine or lipstick can be applied after the balsam is absorbed.

Once your skin gets a little bronze on it, the make-up can be minimized, and the shine for lips in this case will help you look amazingly.

And finally, what is vital to every woman in the heat: wear hats and sunglasses. It is they are your loyal assistants for the preservation of youthful beauty and skin.