Saturday, November 24, 2007

Samsung G600 - The Image Concious Mobile

Ok ladies, what are the requirements for your cell phone?

Of course every person chooses their communication tool in dependence of the style and money, but if money wouldn't be a issue, what type you choose? the simple phone which is only for calls and messages, or a featured machine with lots of useful (and less useful) features?

As for me, I recently found what I dream about, at least for this year: The Samsung G600 slide phone.
It has the most desired features: Camera - and it is a high quality 5 megapixel one; Music player- a clever built-in music library to personalize, code and organize by artist, album or genre.
Also there is the possibility to share your favorite tunes with other persons by the means of the Dual Bluetooth Headset feature - it dual streams audio to two BT headsets at once; Connectivity - Bluetooth V2 and High Speed USB 2.0, the phone’s WAP 2.0 service enables faster Internet browsing and download speeds, so you can get to your content sooner.

The design in my opinion fits the business woman not less than the ordinary one. The LCD screen has 16 million colors so that you can view images, games and the web with picture perfect quality.
Visit and Vote for Queue Jumpers with The Samsung G600 5 Mega Pixel Camera Phone

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