Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Naked Truth About The G-String Panties

The G-String Panties in Summer are much more actual: they can be worn under transparent and tight clothes, and the tan in such a swimming costume becomes smooth.
But the constant wearing of such clothes can be dangerous to health. A prominent gynecologist from Los Angeles doctor Lisa Masterson has long studied the safety of wearing G-string panties permanently. Recently, Dr. Masterson published unexpected results of her work. What has been clarified?

Lisa Masterson, based on the results of her studies, said that for many ladies constantly wearing the G-string panties, they can be a real threat to the health of the female.

What's happening?

First, these attractive panties contribute to the development of vaginal yeast infections, as well as infections of the urinary tract. Usually such underwear is made from synthetic fabrics, such as nylon. It is known that these materials hold moisture, a warm wet environment is ideal for the life of dangerous bacteria.

In addition, the G-string panties help incurred infection to spread rapidly. From the words of Dr. Masterson, bacteria from the rectum have every chance of falling into the vagina quickly, "using" the strap as a "vehicle".

Secondly, the excessive passion for such lingerie leads to irritation, as well as gaps and even hemorrhoids. These panties' cutting are done so that their rear detail can traumatize and rub the delicate skin. If this happens repeatedly, the problems can not be avoided.

What can we do?

Lisa Masterson recommends women to wear G-strings less often. And when wearing this clothing, observe the following rules:

1. Not wearing G-string panties in hot and humid weather.

2. Pick underwear from natural fabrics, such as cotton or silk. These materials impede the greenhouse effect occurrence.

3. Always pick the right panties size. The not so tight fitted G-string panties are not as dangerous in terms of spread of infection, as a close and narrow one.

4. Do not wear G-strings the whole day long. As soon as possible, change them for a closed-type model.

5. If you are wearing synthetic panties - use the daily absorbent pads and do not forget to change them regularly.

6. Try not to wear swim-suits with G-string panties.

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But what will I do without my G strings?