Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Obesity and Sex

OBESITY is a disease, characterized by the development of the excess fat tissue. More often, obesity occurs after 40 years, mostly among women.

Obesity is one of the biggest factors of risk to emergence of cardiovascular, cancer, sexual disturbances (impotence, infertility, prostatitis, etc.) and other pathologies.

The main factor leading to the obesity development, is the disturbance of the energy balance, consisting in the inadequate receipt and expenses of the body energy. Most often, obesity is caused by overeating, but it may occur also due to the bad control of energy expenditure. There is no doubt of the role of the constitutive-hereditary predisposition, decreased physical activity, age, sex, occupation factors, some physiological conditions (pregnancy, lactation, Climax).

the change in appearance and physical condition of people with extra weight leads to a number of psycho-emotional problems. One of the leading discomfort is the sexual functions disorder. Obese people often have poor sexual activity, which is rarely caused by the decline in drive, but has more to do with psycho-emotional factors.

It has been proved that important factors for weight loss and psychological recovery for obese people, is the continuation of an active sexual life. Sexual activity not only provides additional physical load, improves the emotional state, but also normalizes hormone ground. The more ejaculation men have (the stimulation method does not matter - sexual intercourse, masturbation, vibro-stimulation, etc.), the more testosterone is produced. However, given the emotional characteristics of people with extra weight, in order to make them want to have sex is needed additional artificial stimulation (erotic films, aphrodisiacs, vibrators and other sex assets).

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